‘Must See’ Gore Films

There’s just something about the blood gushin’, gut spillin’, gore caked horror movies that puts the biggest smile on my face. Most of you who find yourselves reading this are probably in the same boat as I am. I’d like to share with you some of my favorite flicks that should be seen by any and all gorehounds. There are a myriad of gore films that I did not include on the list (for a number of reasons), but if you have any suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate it!

In no particular order:

Braindead / Dead Alive and Bad Taste

Peter Jackson’s 1992 zombie flick is so insanely gory that it is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t witnessed it first hand. I will leave it at that. Another one of his outrageous films, Bad Taste, is mandatory viewing for sure.


Jeffery Combs stars in this super fun and super bloody 80’s flick that has him bringing the dead back to life with a glowing, green serum. A must see.

The Evil Dead

If you have not seen this classick film from Sam Raimi then you need to get off your ass and see it now!

Dog Soldiers

In my opinion this is the best werewolf movie ever made. Soldiers in the woods fighting werewolves equals loads of blood and an awesome movie experience.


The French came out of nowhere a couple years ago and started making some great gore flicks including my favorite, Inside. Let’s just say it takes place (for the most part) in one location, has a pregnant woman in peril, and has tons of nasty, gory death scenes. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Planet Terror

Robert Rodriguez’s infection flick is dripping, spurting, gushing, and oozing with all kinds of bodily fluids and is definitely one of the best mainstream horror flicks to come out in some time.


An amazing (and hilarious) 80’s slasher film with very graphic kills. Check it out.

Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead

I’m sure you know these. Classics.

The Thing

While not a super gory film, John Carpenter’s 1982 film is one of the best, if not the best, monster movies ever made.

Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead

This German film from director Olaf Ittenbach is one of the only films I have seen that really gives ‘Braindead’ a run for its money. While at times extremely cheesy (which by the way is not a bad thing at all), this movie assaults your senses with all the splatter you could possibly ask for!

The Machine Girl

Ultra splattery Japanese flick has a girl with a machine gun arm getting revenge on her brothers’ killers. This movie is wacky as hell and will have you laughing your ass off at the absurdity of all the gory goodness.

Italian and German horror films

I decided to lump these into one category, as there are so many fantastic horror/gore films that come from these two countries. Directors like Lucio Fulci, Olaf Ittenbach, Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, and others pummel your senses with flesh ripping carnage and don’t let up until the credits roll! Some great flicks from these two countries include: Zombie, A Cat in the Brain, The Beyond, The Gates of Hell, Demons, Opera, Stage Fright, Black Past, The Burning Moon, Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead, and many, many more!

More horror/gore films to seek out:

Shogun Assassin



The Mutilator

Night of the Creeps

30 Days of Night

Cannibal Campout

The Guinea Pig Series

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

The Redsin Tower

Darkness: The Vampire Version

The Dead Next Door

The Deadly Spawn

Street Trash

The House by the Cemetery

Das Komabrutale Duell

Maniac (1980)

Blood Feast

The Prowler

Bone Sickness


Rambo 4


The Collector


Dead Snow



  1. lots of great GREAT flicks listed here, “Intruder” being one of them.
    some of these i have not seen, and i appreciate you making them known. it is hard at times to find horror films i have yet to see, this works perfectly.

    • Thanks John, I most likely left out a lot of great flicks but these ones are definately the ones I really enjoy!

  2. Some truly goretacular choices! I love that you included PIECES and SLUGS! In addition to the awesome gore these two films have some of the funniest unintentional dialog ever uttered! The scene with Lynda Day George yelling BASTARD is hysterical! And the sheriff who shouts pretty much every line he has in Slugs just slayed me! YOU DON”T HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DECLARE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You actually have two on here I’ve never seen, and based on your other choices I am excited as hell to check them out!! Cheers! terri (aka goregirl) PS: adding you to the blogroll!

    • Yeah, Pieces and Slugs are hilarious gore flicks! I love ’em! I’m sure I forgot a bunch of good gore flicks but I went with whatever I could think of at the moment! I really enjoy your blog! Good job! Jim

  3. Sweet sweet blog. Your movie trailers are amazing! Are you going to continue the blogging thing or not? You should since you obviously have a fine taste in horror films, I mean come on who’s heard of Street Trash (other than a few of us diehards, it’s such an underrated, under the radar type of film). Emily was the one who introduced me to your blog (you may remember her from Writing in the Public Domain). May I also introduce you to my blog http://www.halloweenoverkill.blogspot.com. Keep it Creepy!

    • Thanks man, your blog is really cool too! Mrs. W (Emily) told me that you were a big horror fan and I’ve seen your blog when I was in class. I look foward to following it and seeing all your horror news and info!

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